Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Lessons Learned The Hard Way

More simple truths I have learned since quitting my paying job to manage my family:

(see also: 5 Lessons Learned The Hard Way)
* You can clean the house every day, and do laundry.  But there will always be cleaning to be done tomorrow, and laundry that needs washed.

* Good intentions don't accomplish anything.

* Never, never, never think to yourself that you probably have time for a quick shower before the (delivery person, handyman, company, etc) shows up.

* Put that coupon in your purse NOW!  You will not think about it later before you go to the store. You WILL think about it when you are standing in the check out line.

*  Few things are as much of an unhappy surprise to the tongue as taking a big swig of coffee, expecting warm, sweet, rich deliciousness - only to find that it has gone ice cold and bitter.  Bleh!!

*  The day you plan to do a bunch of laundry and hang it on the line to dry IS going to be the day the forecast changes at the last minute to rain, rain, rain.

*  One afternoon of babysitting your almost 9 month old grandson will make it abundantly clear why most people your age aren't having a lot of babies.

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