Friday, November 30, 2012

Simple Beaded Bracelets

I saw some cute bracelets while on mini-vacation in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge with the man of the house.  They were simple strips of fabric with a few beads loosely strung onto them and a button and loop closure.  Adorable, but far too expensive for my taste.  Especially since my brain was already churning on how I could recreate my own version for far less!

Here it is... using ribbon and glass beads: 

 Super Simple Beaded Bracelets!

1) Measure out a length of ribbon long enough to go loosely around the wrist two or three times.  Double that length.  Cut and fold in half.

2) Tie a knot in folded end of ribbon to create a small loop

3) Thread beads onto ribbon.  (I tied a knot in ribbon between every one or two beads to keep them from sliding around too much)

3) Thread ribbon onto large eyed needle and feed through button back.  Be sure you get buttons with openings large enough for ribbon to fit easily through.  (trust me, made that mistake! scrambled for other button to use!)

4) Wrap around wrist.  Use loop created in step one and button to close bracelet. 

5) Admire your cute new creation! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To Bake or Not To Bake - That Is A Question

The Christmas season is heading into full speed.  Which means one thing  (well, ok - several things - but we're going to focus on one here): holiday baking time!

The thing is...  I'm just not feeling it.

What am I feeling then?  Well...  When I consider the things I usually make, I just feel bored. When I consider having to look up new recipes - I feel exhausted.  Honestly, when I think of hours in the kitchen baking all those cookies - I feel even more exhausted.

So, what's an Oma to do?

  • I could do nothing.  But I have a feeling that when Christmas eve rolls around with no peanut butter kisses or frosted sugar cookies there might be a full blown rebellion from the other family members

  • I could befriend some super-mom type who probably already has her baking all planned out and gives tins full of home baked goodies as gifts and mooch off her.  But I probably should have put that plan into motion a few months in advance.

  • I could buy baked goodies.  But let's just be real here - I'm never going to be able to fool anyone into thinking I actually baked any of it.

  • I could cheat.  There is a wide variety of premade cookie doughs and mixes out there.  And at the moment I'm feeling this might be the most viable option. 

  • I could just suck it up, put on a big ol' Paula Dean smile and bake the darn cookies.  Accepting the love and admiration of my family, and packing on a few pounds in the process.
What is your approach to holiday baking?  Please share your favorite Christmas goodie recipe in the comments!  You know... in case I decide to go with that last option.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pssstt... It's a Secret Sale!

Here's the scoop...  there are three easy steps to extra savings:

1)  Follow Queen B's Busy Work on Twitter. @QueenBsBusyWork

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It's as simple as that!  Get buzzing! Offer ends November 30, 2012.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Etsy Items! (plus a sale)

New items are being listed at Queen B's Busy Work
Use coupon code CYBERMONDAY to receive 10% off on your order!

Hand Crocheted Dishcloths (set of 2) - your choice of color $10.95

Green & Purple Crocheted Mug Cozy (mug included) $11.95

Blue Mug Cozy (mug included) $9.9

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bad Turkey

This year will probably be one that goes down in family history.  Years and years from now my great grandchildren will talk about it. 

"Did you ever hear about the year Oma ruined the turkey before it was even cooked?"

Yes, you read that correctly.  The thanksgiving turkey was ruined... before I cooked it. 

It happened like this:  last night I started thinking... "hmm.. better move the turkey to the fridge for thawing"  And asked the male offspring to take care of that task.  He comes back and says "What turkey?"  What does he mean what turkey?  I know good and well I bought a turkey.  A big turkey.  What in the world?  Oh no.  Oh noooooo... 

Flashback:  I was finished up the thanksgiving grocery shopping, trying to get it out of the way before going out of town for the weekend, and not wanting to battle the crowds in the few days before thanksgiving Thursday.  I was also baby sitting the grand baby that afternoon.  When I arrived home I got the grand baby and the bags out of the car.  Not wanting to carry a 23 pound wiggling baby AND a 22 pound frozen turkey, I left the bird in the trunk with every intention of coming back out to get it. 

You know what they say about good intentions right?  Yeh... right. 

I got distracted and completely forgot about that bird sitting in the trunk of the car.  Until four days later!!! 

After a brief freak out, several minutes of not being sure whether I should laugh or cry, and quite a bit of kicking myself - I realized there was only one option.  I was going to have to buy another turkey.  Either that or give my entire family food poisoning - which just doesn't seem like a good way to kick off the holiday season.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh, My Aching Fingers!

I love couponing.  Love it.  I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I see that total go down as the coupons get scanned!  And when I get a really great deal on something with coupons - Whew!  It's like I won the coupon olympics or something!  (And I'm not even one of those extreme couponers who manage to buy $500 worth of groceries and walk out of the store with a $2 credit in her pocket.) 

There's only one thing I don't like about couponing - the cutting.

Ugh... all the tedious trimming away of excess paper.  My fingers start getting tired and sore after a while.  I do not like it one tiny bit.  (I could break out into a a whole Green Eggs and Ham parody here, but I'll resist.  You're welcome.)

I know there are actually places you can purchase coupons, pre-trimmed and store ready.  But the entire concept of buying coupons makes no sense to me.  It just seems to defeat the entire purpose of saving money if I am paying for them. 

Any other couponistas out there have brilliant ideas for making the task of cutting the coupons any easier?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Living Room: Another Weekend of Work

The past weekend was dedicated to more priming and the first stage of painting in the living room.

Hall - pre priming

And post primer

ewww... now that the ceiling is painted and trim is primed the walls look so dingy and yellow!!

Priming the entry way was a lot of work! 

Painting the ceiling

First coat of pale grey goes onto living room wall

You can see the new color a little better in this picture

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Living Room - Days 11 to 20: Prime Time!

The remodel came to a bit of a crawl for about a week - life just got busy and slowed us down.  Things are still moving along though - even if it's a little slower than the first week. 

We've been taping and compounding the new 1/2 wall at the top of the stairs.

Priming the new drywall around the fireplace

Taping and priming windows (taping is slooooow work!)

And priming various trim around doorways

Next up: Painting the ceiling!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday Shoppers: Start Your Engines!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and then the holiday season will be in full swing!
It's never too early to start your online holiday shopping! 

Looking for the perfect Christmas present or stocking stuffers? 

Be sure to check out Queen B's Busy Work at Etsy!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan: November 3 - 9

The man of the house, the female offspring, and I are doing Weight Watchers right now.  You'll see that reflected in our weekly menu.

Meal Plan November 3 - 9:

Saturday: WW nachos
Sunday: Turkey burgers
Monday:  Cuban Style beef
Tuesday: Salsa chicken, black beans, salad
Wednesday: WW BLT wraps, baby carrots, celery, cuke slices
Thursday: Chicken parm, steamed veggies
Friday: TBD (grocery day)
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