Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Olay Professional Pro-X Clear: A Review

The following review is my own opinion.  I have not received compensation in any form from Olay or any other company,  firm, organization, or persons.

I had just about had it with my skin.  Up to here.  I know it was no one's fault but my own.  I had never been very diligent about skin care.  And it was catching up with me.

The dullness, blotching, and fine lines were enough of a problem.  One in serious need of help.  But to make matters worse - there were blemishes.  I'm was breaking out on a  preteen girl going through puberty level.  What??  No woman my age should be dealing with acne.  The wrinkling I could understand.  I wasn't happy about them, but at a certain age - they happen.  The blemishes I was just plain disgusted with.

I stood in front of the shelves in the skin care aisle, scanning the wide variety of products.  Ones for anti-aging.  Ones for fine lines.  Ones for break outs.  But what for the woman dealing with all of the above?

Then I saw it.  Olay Professionals Pro-X Clear

Olay.  A name known to me.  One I associated with anti-aging and wrinkle fighting.  With a system of products designed to clarify pores, clear skin, and renew the complexion!  Yep, that's for me!

The protocol includes three steps:
  1. Acne Pore Clarifying Cleanser: cleans skin, reduces oil, and penetrates pores to prevent future breakouts.
  2. Acne Skin Clearing Treatment: to bring breakouts under control and prevent new ones from forming
  3. Complexion Renewing Lotion: hydrates and reduces the appearance of redness and spots.
I also got the Pro-X Clear Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15.

I have been using the three step protocol twice a day for over a month, adding the moisturizer with sunscreen in the mornings - and I can tell a big difference in my complexion!

My skin feels amazing!  Soft, without any greasy feeling.  My pores are noticably smaller, especially on my nose.  Less breakouts.  And a more even tone all over. 

I am so pleased with the Olay Professionals Pro-X Clear system!

The only complaint I have is that you don't seem to be able to buy any of the three pieces of the protocol separately.  This leaves me with about a third of a bottle each of the step 2 and 3 when I run out of the step one cleanser.  It would be ince to be able to purchase just the cleanser when I need it instead of having to buy the entire kit each time.

But truly, that is my only issue with this product!  I love it.  My skin loves it.  (and I'm pretty sure the man of the house loves it because he doesn't have t listen to me whine about my skin like before)

Olay Professionals Pro-X Clear: 2 thumbs up!!

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