Monday, October 22, 2012

Living Room Renovation: The Befores

After living in our home for 13 years, we had finally reached the end of our rope when it comes to living with the 1970's decor.  The built-in shelving units, fake panelling, free standing gas heater, and stained gold carpeting have GOT to go!!  We're looking at a major re-do, which has to be done before the holidays!  Yikes!!

This is what we're dealing with:

Built in shelving and fake panelling.  So dark, so dreary, so...  out of date!

Built in shelves wrap around wall to dining room entrance

Overlooking entry way.  What is with that metal railing? 

Yep, check out the gold carpet. 

View of living room from top of stairs.  Another great(?) view of out dated railing.

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