Monday, January 25, 2016

The Hive is Expanding!

Introducing a new product line to Queen B's Busy Work!  The Man of the Hive has created these lovely and unique bottle toppers.

Using beautiful re-purposed cabinet hardware, he has handcrafted unique bottle stoppers.  Perfect for a wedding, anniversary, Valentine's Day, housewarming, or hostess present.

The stopper is chrome plated alloy steel. Rubber gaskets keep the stopper sealed in place while in use. Fits wine bottles, as well as spirits, beer, oil and/or vinegar, etc.

My biggest problem right now is NOT wanting to keep them all for myself!!

New selections are being added daily.  Buzz by and check them out for yourself!

Have a BEEautiful day,
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Bee's Knees (and other fun stuff)

I received so many fun bee-themed gifts for Christmas!  I couldn't resist sharing pictures of them with all of you!

How cute are these Bee's Knees socks?  Too!!

I couldn't get it to show well in pictures, but this beautiful teaspoon has a crown and bee stamped into it

A pretty bee cup for afternoon tea

And a Queen Bee mug from my son for my morning coffee
My daughter gave me a dainty honeycomb necklace 
And a bracelet she made with winged beads

Does my family know me, or what?  I am one very lucky gal!

Have a BEEautiful day,
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Friday, January 8, 2016

Queen B Spotlights: essential8

In the past year, I  have had the pleasure of working with Sarah of essential8.  She carries some of my handmade cotton cloths alongside her organic, all natural cleaning products.  And her all natural lip balms are now an available option when ordering Queen B's lip balm holders.  I love how her business idea originated and what she does.  I hope you all enjoy getting to know her as much as I have!

Please tell us a little about yourself:
I started by business, essential8, in 2012.  I launched with 4 organic cleaning products and began growing from there. After having two children, I became very aware and concerned about the ingredients in the cleaning products and personal care items I was using for myself and my children. There are so many nasty ingredients in conventional products that can be harmful to our health and the environment. I wanted to create healthy substitutions for my family to help limit our exposure to toxic chemicals. I began sharing my creations with family and friends. The feedback I received was very positive, so I decided to try selling my products. I believe there is definitely a growing trend toward using more organic, natural products in our homes and on our bodies.

Besides running my business, I am also a special education teacher.

What was your inspiration for essential8?
My children. Also, one of my favorite aspects of owning a business is the opportunity to educate people about the importance of reading labels and and creating awareness of harmful ingredients in the products they use.

Why is it important for you to use all natural ingredients in your products?
Through research and experimentation, I have found that natural ingredients are often just as effective, if not more so, than conventional ingredients. Large corporations are only concerned with their bottom lines, and they will use the cheapest ingredients they can find to make a product.

Do you have a favorite item in your product line?
Organic All-Purpose Cleaner. I use it literally everywhere. It has such a light, clean citrus smell and it works!

What do you like to do when you're not working on your shop?
My two children keep me quite busy, but besides playing mommy, I enjoy golf, cooking, reading, travelling, playing piano and Pilates. Sometimes I also find time to sleep. :)

Great, right? :0)  I hope you will all buzz by and pay her a visit! 

Have a BEEautiful day,
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Out With The Old

It's a new year!  Can you BEElieve it's 2016?  Seems like just yesterday we were partying like it was 1999.  (Or maybe that's just me showing my age.)

With the start of a new year come new goals and plans for Queen B's Busy Work.

It's out with some older items and some things we will no longer be stocking.  Don't miss our Winter Clearance Sale  going on through January 16.  Many items are now marked at 60% off original price!

It's also time to think about what I would like to add to the shop to keep things fresh.  I feel it's important to always have a few new things to keep people buzzing back.  I have a few thoughts in mind - but I'd like to know what YOU think!

Would you please take a moment to share your opinion?

What New Items Would You Like To See At Queen B's Busy Work? free polls

Thank you very much!!

Have a BEEautiful day,
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