Monday, June 18, 2018

Etsy is a Teenager!

Etsy is turning 13 this week!

And to celebrate, Queen B's Busy Work is having a sale!

15% Off everything in the store*


Free Standard Shipping** on every order of $25 or more!

Sale runs Monday June 18 through Friday June 22

*Bulk Discount items not eligible for 15% off discount
**Standard Domestic Shipping.  Expedited or International Shipping requires an additional fee

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Pretty in PInk - and Camo

I recently had so much fun creating this pretty little camo and pink baby set for a customer!

Girls can be tough.  And some of them can rock wearing camo as if it were the fanciest of designer fashions.  Even the littlest of ladies.

Maybe the camouflage look isn't the right one for your little bundle of joy.  But, whatever it is - together we can make your vision a reality.  Let's talk!  You can contact me through my Etsy profile (click here) or email me at

Have a BEEautiful Day,
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

How to Make a Monogram Door Hanging

With Memorial Day right around the corner - I thought I would share a short tutorial for my bright and cheerful summer monogram door décor.


A few years ago I saw a monogram door hanging on Pinterest which immediately had me envisioning it in different colors and themes.  I knew  wanted to recreate in bright summertime colors for our front door.   Here's how I did it...

Foam Board
X-acto knife
Yarn (or twine)
Glue gun and glue sticks

I used some yarn and buttons I already had in stock.  Picked up a piece of foam board at the $1 store, and 3 pieces of felt for less than 50 cents each at Michael's.  I also had the ribbon and glue sticks already in my stash.  Which makes my grand total to create this little cutie - less than $3! If you were purchasing the yarn, ribbon, and buttons also - you're probably still looking at less than $10.

Draw or trace the shape of the letter you want onto the foam board

Use an X-acto knife to cut out letter

Wrap letter with yarn (or twine).  I used a little craft glue to help hold it in place as I went along. WARNING: This is much more tedious and time consuming than you might thing.

I made felt flowers using a method I found HERE.  But you could use any flower - fabric, ribbon, crocheted, store bought, etc.  Be creative!

Lay out flowers on the letter to decide placement

Put a big blop (official crafting term) of hot glue on the back of each flower and press into place on your letter

Hold flower firmly until the glue sets.

Glue ribbon onto back of letter to make a hanger.

Ta-DA!  I love my brightly colored "P" on the front door!

What colors would you use to create your monogramed door hanging?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Summer Makeover Fit for a Queen Bee

I loved Ms. Summersbee when she first came to live on my back porch.  She was bright, and glittery, and cheerful.

Unfortunately, like many of us - too much time spent exposed to the sun and other elements eventually caught up with her.  She looked faded and sad.

It was time for a make over!

I started with some matte finish paint.  But after it dried, I wasn't feeling it. Ms Summersbee looked flat (pun intended) and just "blah".

That meant a trip back to my favorite craft store for some more paint,  With a gloss finish this time. Much better! The colors had more pop. 

And a little glitter.  Because... glitter!

(is it just me, or does the glitter look odd in these picture?)

Then she was looking more like her original bright, cheerful, glittery self.  She was ready to return to her rightful place on the back porch. 

Bring on Summer!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mom Deserves Better Than the Mall

Your mom is one of a kind.  She's special.  She deserves a Mother's Day gift just as unique as she is.

Do you really think you're going to find that at the mall?

Remember all those sleepless nights she spent taking care of you when you were sick?  Or waiting up and worrying when you stayed out too late with your friends?  All those times she worked to put together the perfect birthday party?  Helping you with homework projects?  Volunteering for school activities and fundraisers? Those hours in the car driving you back and forth to sports practice and games, music lessons, dance class, etc?

Doesn't Mom deserve a little time to relax and unwind?

Pamper her with a handcrafted cotton bath accessory from Queen B's Busy Work!  We have a wide selection of luxuriously soft washable cotton bath puffs, washcloths, and facial rounds.  Or select a spa bath gift set in her favorite color!

Mint Green Shower Pouf

Scallop-Edged Cotton Washcloth
Exfoliating Cotton Bath Puff

Cotton Facial Scrubbies (Set of 10)

As a lovely compliment to the cotton bath accessories, I recommend a bath bomb, soak, or sugar scrub from Southern Belle Soaps and Bath!

Spa Bath Gift Set

Maybe you want to let her know that you remember and appreciate the thousands of boo-boos, hurts, and ouchies she kissed away over the years.  How about a lovely handcrafted lip balm holder?

Butterfly Kisses Lip Balm Holder

Mickey Mouse Ears Lip Balm Case
Celtic Scroll Work Lip Balm Holder

Compliment her new lip balm holder with some nourishing all natural lip balm from My Essential 8!

Pink Bunny Lip Balm Cozy

So, skip the mall and give mom something handcrafted and unique this Mother's Day!  One more reason you'll be her favorite this year.  😘

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Happy March!

Spring is in the air!  Well - at least it is here at the hive.

We've been enjoying some record high temperatures the past few weeks.  Spring flowers are starting to bloom.  And new spring and Easter items are buzzing into the Etsy shop.   (Bee sure to stop by and check them out!)

I've been a busy little bee, between completing made to order requests and getting lots and lots of new ready to ship items into the shop.  I haven't had much time to stop by the blog and chat with all of you recently.

Today, I thought I'd just take a moment to share this short video of me hard at work on a recent order.  Enjoy!

Have a BEEautiful Day,

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Queen B of Hearts

First of all, let me just say that 2018 is off to an incredible beginning at the Etsy shop and I can't thank all of you enough for your support!  It is an honor knowing you have trusted me to create unique gifts for all your special occasions!  

By this time in January, the last of the Christmas decor and what-nots have been packed away for another year (or maybe not...  If you still have some lights up or decorations to put away - no judgment here!)  But it's still a little early to start getting excited about Spring.  With lots of winter left to go - what can one do to warm the heart? 

Why - Valentine's Day, of course!

The day dedicated to love is less than 3 weeks away, and Queen B's Busy Work is ready!

I have a variety of items, perfect for your Valentine gift-giving.  From lip balm holders to cup cozies to spa bath accessories.  Find something for your special someone.

What a wonderful way to ask someone to BEE your valentine!❤

Have a BEE-autiful Day,

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