Monday, May 23, 2016

The Problem With Your Bath

You're the gal who loves a good bath.

You use them to relax.  To refresh.  To detox.  You've made the switch from commercial, chemical - loaded bath products to handcrafted, all natural ones.  Yes ma'am, you have got this bath thing pretty much mastered.

There's just one problem.

You probably don't even realize it.  But it's definitely there.  Sitting right beside you.  Or hanging somewhere down near your feet.  Yep,  we're It's  talking about that plastic bath pouf.

You don't use chemicals to scent your bath, to suds up, or to soften your skin.  So, WHY are you still using a loofah made from synthetic materials?  Isn't it time to make the change to a cotton bath pouf?

See Queen B's Busy Work's Cotton Bath Poufs  HERE

Our cotton bath poufs are handcrafted using 100% cotton yarn.  This means they are able to be machine washed and dried.  Reducing the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and yeast commonly found in even the cleanest plastic ones.

Did you know that because of all these things growing in there, it is recommended that you replace your plastic pouf every 4 to 8 weeks?  Considering this, a washable cotton pouf pays for itself in a short time!

I'm not even going to touch on any potential dangers plastics may or may not present to the human body systems.  You can discuss that one amongst yourselves...

Have a BEEautiful day,

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Mother's Day Special

Still wondering what to get her for Mother's Day?    We think she deserves a luxurious pampering bath set  just as unique as she is!

And now, through April 24 - order a Spa Bath Set ($20 or more) and receive a FREE matching lip balm holder!

No coupon code needed.  Just select the bath set you know Mom will love and we'll handcraft a lip balm holder to match.

Have a Bee-autiful  day,
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Change for the Better

There is always room for improvement. 

For example, yesterday I made my "perfectly cooked salmon".  Or I thought it was always perfect - until I put a little Cajun seasoning on it last night and BAM!  Just like that it was a little better. 

Another example is Queen B's lip balm holder key rings.  Since day one they have been crafted using a split ring (keyring) and a lanyard hook. Which was great.  Still is great.

And then...

I had a customer request a bulk order using a lobster claw style clasp instead of the split ring and lanyard hook.  And... you guessed it: BAM!  I was hooked!  (pun not intended)

After doing the first batch with the lobster clasp, I felt these gave the holders a much cleaner, more finished look than the original style.  So, from this day forward, all my lip balm holders will be crafted with a lobster clasp.

There are a still a few remaining holders with the original hardware.  After thinking it through, I determined it simply wouldn't be effective to try to remove the split ring and hook in order to apply the new clasps. If you have a preference, PLEASE be sure to check the listing before ordering!

Have a BEE-autiful day,

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Friday, March 11, 2016

It's Queen B's Etsy-versary!!

Four years ago this weekend, Queen B's Busy Work started building my little hive on Etsy.  I wouldn't ... couldn't ... still be buzzing along without all of you!
So, to say Thank You, I'm having an Anniversary Sale!

Every order, every follow, every "like", heart, and favorite is appreciated more than you know.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I am looking forward to many more years of growth.

** offer good through March 15, 2016.  Offer can not be applied to custom orders**

Have  a  BEEautiful  day,
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Few New Things and A Celebration

It's been busy around the hive.  I have been working to bring some fresh new things to the shop just in time for Spring.

We have a few adorable new versions of our popular teddy bear inspired beanie hat crafted up in just the right size for newborns.  Perfect as gifts for all those Spring baby showers!

We also just added this sweet little sweater with matching hat.  This one is sized to fit 9 to 12 months.  I hope to have even more of these cuties added soon.  If you would like this in a different size or color, please contact me to request a custom order.
There are also dozens of new spring and summer inspired lip balm holders just waiting for buttons and hardware.  Look for those to be added in the next week or two!

And one. last. thing...

This weekend is Queen B's ETSY-VERSARY!!
Check back Friday for details!! 

Have a BEEautiful day,
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Monday, February 22, 2016

DIY Makeup Remover Pads

Everybody loves a little something to make life simpler.  Take those makeup remover pads for example.  In one quick and easy step you are that much closer to clean skin.  But not everyone loves all the chemicals and unrecognizable ingredients in those handy little pads. Or the expense of them.

That's where Pinterest comes in!  A quick search leads you to literally dozens of pins for homemade, all natural makeup remover pads.  (Or you can skip the searching step and check out the pins I have collected HERE )

There's only one little problem I have with all of these DIY recipes and tutorials.

Without fail they all seem to use disposal cotton pads.  Convenient, but not exactly environmentally friendly.  And over time the cost of all those disposable cotton rounds can really add up.

When making your favorite batch of homemade makeup remover, just substitute these in place of those disposable cotton pads.  After using one, toss it in the wash and it's ready to take off your makeup over and over again!

We've even made them handy for a DIY makeup remover project by offering a Special Edition set complete with a little mason jar holder.

Whether you decide to create homemade makeup remover pads to get a more natural product or to be a little more frugal - these reusable cotton rounds can take your DIY project to the next level!

Have a BEEautiful day,

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