Monday, November 2, 2015

Could I BEE Any More Embarrassed??

I discovered this morning that there was an issue with the free shipping code for Queen B's birthday sale.  How embarrassing!!  And frustrating. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused over the weekend.

The problem has now been corrected, and the offer has been extended until November 5.

FREE DOMESTIC  SHIPPING on all orders of $5 or  more with code BIRTHDAYBEE

Have a BEEautiful day,
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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Birthday to Bee!

This weekend is my birthday!  (yay me!!)  And to celebrate,  I'm giving all of you a present!

Use code BIRTHDAYBEE  at checkout for FREE domestic shipping on any order of $5 or more!

Hurry - once my birthday is over, so is this deal!  This offer expires Monday, November 2.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pretty Packages

I enjoy wrapping up customers orders in pretty packaging just before packing it up for shipping.

Some tissue paper.  A little ribbon.  Some decorative tape.  A cute sticker or tag.

In my opinion, it's the little things that make something feel extra special.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Shipping Delayed

I have a stack of orders packaged up and ready to ship.  However, it totally escaped me that today is Columbus Day - which means the USPS isn't open for business today!  

Therefore, if you received a notice from me that your order is shipping today; please be aware that due to circumstances beyond my control the ship date will actually be tomorrow.

I apologize for any confusion.

Have  a  BEEautiful  week,

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Friends & Family

If there's one hobby I enjoy more than crochet - it's reading.  I can't I imagine life without having a book (or 2.. or 3) to read at any given time!

I also enjoy a good deal.  And right now Barnes and Noble is combining both of those into their Friends & Family Event!!  Receive 20% Off any one item with coupon. In store or online.

I am not being paid or compensated in any way for sharing this. B&N encouraged sharing in the spirit of "friends and family".  And I am passing the info on to you as one bibliophile to another.  Enjoy!

On what one item would you use this coupon?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Queen B Spotlights: SinkandSoak

I have recently had the opportunity to work with some amazing Etsy creators.  One of these is Dorothy from SinkandSoak.  She creates handcrafted soaps, bath bombs, and other products with natural, healthy ingredients.

I "met" Dorothy when she contacted me to inquire about purchasing some of my handcrafted, cotton bath puffs to include as part of a gift set with her all natural bar soap.

 Of course I jumped at the chance to have my item featured alongside the work of such a talented creator.  And I wanted to give all of you the chance to get to know a little about her and her work also.  

Please tell the readers a little about yourself:
I am 47 years old and at the mother of two beautiful girls.  One a senior in college and one a senior in high school.  I work full time as a buyer and also run my small business making handmade bath and body products.  Making cold processed soap is my passion and what I love most about what I do.  I also enjoy nature and reading.  And of course my husband and pets two!

What was your inspiration for starting 'SinkandSoak'? 
I was inspired to start Sink and Soak because I was a huge fan of Lush Cosmetics and love taking baths every night.  So buying all those soaps and bath bombs was getting very pricey.  I decided I was going to make some bath bombs for home.  Then I had family and friends telling me the bath bombs were great and I should start selling them.  I have always been interested in soap making and had wanted to learn the process for years.  I also needed an outlet for my creativity as I used to oil paint years ago before I had children.  I had one daughter gone at college that I missed so much and another growing up fast and soon to be leaving home so I knew I needed a hobby to immerse myself in.  So it seemed natural with my love of art and of bathing to start a small business.

How do you decide what fragrances you want to use for your soaps and bath bombs?  when I make soaps and bath bombs, I try to think of fragrances that will be pleasing to people based on what season it is and how I think they would want the products to make them feel when using it and smelling it.

What would we find you doing when you're not making bath products or running your business?  
I am either working at my day job purchasing electronic parts, cooking, running my household, reading, or off sightseeing!  There is so much to see around the San Francisco Bay area.  I also like to curl up with my dog and relax and drink coffee.  :)

Hmmm... she enjoys reading, sightseeing, and drinking coffee.  If we didn't live on opposite sides of the country, I think there's a good chance we could be besties for sure!  

Please stop by her shop and show her some love! 

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Back By Popular Demand! Candy Corn Hat for Baby and/or Child!

Our adorable Candy Corn hat is now available for a limited time only! 

This cute hat was originally designed and created for my grandson's first Halloween.  And now it's available to the public. The yellow, orange, and white beanie is perfect for creating simple costume to wear to a fall/harvest festival or for trick or treating with the big kids!

 Get yours before they disappear for another year!

Please note: Each item is hand crafted, so exact color and design may vary slightly from display photos. Actual color may vary from photo depending on monitor settings.

Each hat is hand-crafted to custom fit the intended wearer. Because each item is custom created, please allow approximately 1 to 2 weeks for item to ship.

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