Friday, January 9, 2015

What's the Buzz for 2015?

Can you bee-lieve we're  already 9 days into 2015!  Over a week of the new year has come and gone!  Can't we slow down time just a tiny bit?  Nope?  Oh well... nothing to do but just keep moving forward I suppose.

The start of the new year seems to have refreshed me and gotten the creativity flowing.  My mind has been all abuzz  with new product ideas.  The thoughts are coming so fast - I'm having to start a list to keep up with all of them!  This makes it hard to decide where to start and what to do next. Not a bad problem to have.

A new sample I  am working on: a hat for the grand baby  - who is currently obsessed with a certain little droid from the Star Wars movies  

I also have big plans for the shop this year.  Some of Queen B's goals for 2015 include:

*  Expand shipping outside the United States

*  Sell at my first craft show

*  New photos for the shop

*  A shop newsletter

*  Double sales over last year's total

So, Happy New Year!!  Here's to a fabulously creative 2015!!

have a "bee"autiful day ...

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