Friday, August 31, 2012

Here's My Card

I recently ordered 100 minicards from as part of a special offer through Etsy.  They arrived in the mail today and I am just as pleased as pink lemonade punch!!  I can't wait to start handing them out!

Monday, August 27, 2012

To Do to DONE!

I'm a list maker.  I make lists for every little thing.  Daily To Do lists, Weekly To Do lists, Monthly... you get the idea.  I keep all my To Do lists handwritten in a cute little fat spiral notebook.  Which is slightly more than half full and will need replacing soon.

Along with all the to do's, there are other lists:  the To Be Read list, the shopping list, the list of meals for the week (aka: the weekly meal plan).  I keep 3 (count 'em - 3!) separate calendars to list all the various activities and events our family needs or wants to attend.  It goes on and on.  And occasionally I like to make a list of all my lists. 

I like lists because they keep me organized.  They prevent the inevitable "oh, I forgot (to do, to pick up, what I wanted to get at the library, etc, etc, etc) which comes with a forgetful nature. 

The best part of the To Do list though is crossing off items.  Looking back at all the to do's which have become DONES.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.  A visible, tangible proof of what I have achieved in any given time period. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Week Of Meals

Meal plan for the week.  This week is a transitional week.  Back to school for the male offspring.  The start of a new semester of guitar lessons, and Wednesday night bible studies.  So the meal plan is a little simpler, and maybe - just maybe - a little less healthy than usual.

Saturday:  Pizza

Sunday: Roast chicken, broccoli, potatoes

Monday:  Hot dogs, coleslaw, chips

Tuesday: Crock pot mac and cheese, southwestern salad

Wednesday:  Pasta salad

Thursday: Breakfast

Friday: TBD (grocery day)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Time for A Plan

A little late getting around to posting: but the meal plan is in place. This week I have enlisted the offspring to each make dinner one night.  The male offspring gets a little responsibility - mom gets a break from cooking! 

Saturday: Male Offspring's Devil Dogs (you do not want to eat these too often!  Tasty, but SO much bad stuff.  Nathan's hot dogs with chili, cheese, mustard, ketchup, AND shoestring french fries.)

Sunday: Crockpot Gumbo

Monday: Breakfast

Tuesday:  Pretzel crusted honey mustard chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus

Wednesday:  Buffalo Chicken Salad

Thursday:  Homemade Veggie Pizza w/ salad

Friday:  TBD (grocery day)

Crocheted Baby Football Hat

You're ready for some football. But what about the smallest fan in your home? This adorable beanie will keep your future football player warm during those cool football Friday night games, or while tailgating on game day!

Baby size - 6 months

Please note that each item is hand crafted. There will be slight variances in the appearance and exact measurements of each piece.

Crocheted Pumpkin Hat: Now Available in size 3 Months!

NOW available in size 3 months!!

$12.00 + shipping
Hand crocheted baby hat for your little pumpkin! Adorable pumpkin beanie - great for autumn/halloween photos and trips to the pumpkin patch. 

Please note that each item is hand crafted. There will be slight variances in the appearance and exact measurements of each piece

(Photos show hat in size 6 months)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Doubt & Anxiety

(I originally wrote this as a post for my personal blog, but it seems as if it is also appropriate to here)

Doubt and anxiety are eating me alive today.

I thought quitting my paying job was the right decision.  It wasn't a choice I made lightly.  I agonized over it.  I prayed and prayed over it.  I thought that was the right path for the next phase of my life. I would stay home, have my little Etsy shop, take care of my family and manage my home - and all would be right with the world. It all seemed so clear.

Now things are fuzzy.

As we look into the face of expense after unexpected expense my anxiety increases. Queen B's Busy Work isn't buzzing, it's crawling along on it's best days. The items I took to the consignment store still sit on display, unsold. Instead of the bright sunny future I pictured as I made plans, things are looking tight, grim and bleak.

I have a gnawing, nagging, nauseous feeling in my gut. I am doubting myself and the choices I have made in the past year.  I feel guilty for not having a steady income coming in like I used to. I find myself wondering if I should go apply for a part time job - any part time job.  I am beating myself up for leaving my previous job. 

This isn't the way it was supposed to be.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crocheted Pumpkin Baby Hat

Hand crocheted baby hat for your little pumpkin! Adorable pumpkin beanie - great for autumn/halloween photos and trips to the pumpkin patch.

Baby size - 6 months.

Please note that each item is hand crafted. There will be slight variances in the appearance and exact measurements of each piece.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Small Crocheted Tote Bag

Small, handmade tote bag. Perfect for: craft projects, diaper bag, purse, library bag, diaper bag, shopping bag, beach bag, or gift bag.

Made of 100% cotton yarn. Grosgrain ribbon handles.

10" high x 10" wide
bottom dimensions: 10" x 4"

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Praise for Queen B's Busy Work!

" I have received my new fluffy flip flops and I absolutely love them! I'm sure that I will be ordering more from you so I will definitily be in touch. I will keep an eye on your website for more of your beautiful creations. I understand the time and attention it takes to create the fluffy flip flops and I appreciate the hard work, time and dedication it took to make them for me. I also love the way you packaged the product it came to me in perfect condition and I love the cute little bees you attached to my thank you card and business card. Thats a nice touch. Sooo cute! I will definately share the extra business cards you sent me with my friends and family.  Thank you again for my flip flops I just love them. God bless you, Buffy S."

Scrubbing Me Softly

Some messes call for a little extra scrubbing power.  But who wants to use strong, toxic abrasive scrubbing cleaners?  Even those that claim they scrub softly can irritate my hands and have a strong chemical smell.  My solution is to make my own homemade non-toxic scrubbing liquid!

3/4 cup Baking Soda
1/4 cup Liquid Castile Soap
1 Tbsp Water
A few drops Tea Tree Oil
1 Tbsp White Vinegar

Pour first four ingredients into a squeeze bottle.  Shake to mix.

Add vinegar.  Shake thoroughly.

If scrubbing liquid dries between uses:  add a small amount of water and shake. 

But the real question is: does it work?  Here's the first attempt at trying this homemade scrubbing liquid:

Before scrubbing

Cleaner in sink - looks like the commercial stuff!

Scrubbing softly
And there's one shiny sink!  Voila!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Meal Planning: Just Do It!

I can't say that I Like making out a meal plan every week.  It's a necessary evil.  It helps create my shopping list and keeps me organized.

A meal plan isn't always perfect.  You  may not always stick to the plan.  But it's there.  It gives you some guidelines to follow, which can cut down on those frantic "what's for dinner" rushing around that can occur on week nights.  And that's something.  It's that first step.

Meal Plan: August 4 - August 10

Saturday:  Pizza
Sunday:  Burgers (celebrating the first football game of the preseason!  Wooohooo!)
Monday: Loaded Baked Potatoes
Tuesday Subs
Wednesday: Breakfast
Thursday: Pasta and Salad
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