Saturday, March 31, 2012

Daisy Hairband with Ladybug

I adore this little daisy!  It's so easy to crochet, has a little dimension to it.  And it's just so cute!

Available now at my Etsy shop:

Finding the Purpose

OK, so the entire purpose of creating this particular blog was to keep track of my journey as I quit my day job, stay home to manage my family, start to save us some money, and become more self sustaining.  And I sincerely hope that as it begins to grow and evolve - that purpose will become more obvious and become fulfilled. 

In an effort to start in that general direction, here is my first list of things to accomplish.

1) Get more inventory made and posted on my Etsy store.

2) Start focusing on being more thrifty around the house by:
        a)  start turning off un-needed lights, etc
        b)  stop running the television just for background noise when no one is actually watching it.
        c)  use cold water more often when hot water isn't really called for: laundry, rinsing dirty dishes, etc
        d)  use the clothesline as much as possible, rather than the dryer.

3)  Look for more ways to save electricity saving ideas.

4)  Get the garden planted!

5)  Gather recipes and stock pantry for things I can make myself instead of purchasing - such as bread, crackers, etc.

What are some of your favorite money saving ideas, or tips for being more self sustaining?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Day I Quit

Excited.  Nervous.  Thrilled.  Apprehensive.  Freed.  Scared.  Elated.  And a little nauseous.  I went through every single one of those feelings (sometimes all of them at once) as I sat in my office yesterday and explained to my supervisor of 13 years that April would be my last month at work. 

It is time.  It's probably been time for a while, but I had stayed on.  Maybe it was from sense of obligation, comfort, responsibility, or just plain laziness.  But now the door was open and the time had come to step through it into the bright new season of my life which lay on the other side. 

It seems fitting to undertake this new phase of my life just as spring is in the air.  I could probably ramble on poetic for a while about new life, comparing my new venture with spring.  But I will save you that particular experience.  And avoid embarrassing myself in the process. 

So, here we are.  The clock is ticking.  My old job is ending, and I am prepared to take on my day job full time. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

And So It Begins...

Using The Princess as a model for photos, I got listings up for my first two items for sale at my Etsy shop today!  Feeling excited, exhilarated.. and a little nauseous!

This crocheted scarf is handmade from a lightweight mercerized cotton yarn, making it the perfect addition to your spring and summer fashions. It is romantic - yet modern; and can be worn in several different styles.

Next up - I'm working on some fun floral ponytail bands and clips for summer. 

Baby Steps

It all starts with baby steps.

Step One: Come up with plan for life without paying job.  Check

It's not easy.  It took a lot of agonizing, soul searching, a few talks with The Man of the House, some praying, and some waffling before I finally came to a choice about what I wanted to do.   After almost 13 years at paying job, I am ready to step out of the office and back into my home.  I will tend to my family, my home, my chickens, my garden, and my yard.  I will find ways to trim down our household budget by saving on things like electricity and groceries.  I will provide more home cooked meals and snacks for my family instead of throwing together some processed something at the end of the day.  I will foster my creative side by trying to sell some of my crochet and sewing projects.  I'm ready to be the manager of my family. 

Step Two: Set up Etsy shop.  Check

Queen B's Busy Work

Step Three:  Start creating inventory for said shop.  Work in progress.

Step Four:  Give notice at paying job.

This was supposed to happen last Thursday.  I had myself all psyched up for the moment.  Unfortunately supervisor was out of office all day so this will have to wait until later this week.  Yes, I am excited - and a little nervous.
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