Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One of My Secrets to Marital Bliss

If I want to make The Man of the House happy  - it can be as simple as an easy peasy banana pudding.

The straight from a bunch of boxes kind.  Yes, I know many of you are clicking away from this page right now.  That's OK.  For those of you at ease with less than completely from scratch - read on!

You'll need a box of vanilla wafer cookies (or as we call 'em where I'm from  - 'nilla wafers), about 6 large bananas - sliced, 2 boxes of vanilla pudding, milk, cool whip topping, and mini marshmallows.

Mix up two boxes of instant vanilla pudding with the milk according to package directions.

Make a layer of vanilla wafer cookies in the bottom of your casserole dish.  Top layers using 1/2 of each of the pudding, bananas, and cool whip.  Make another layer of vanilla wafers. Repeat layers, ending with cool whip.  Sprinkle top with mini marshmallows. 

The whole thing takes me about 15 minutes to put together (including letting the pudding sit in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes).  

Easy, yummy, and makes my man happy.  All of which makes me happy!

What is your favorite simple dessert to make for a loved one?

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