Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY 1st Birthday Shirt

It's incredible to think that our sweet little grand baby has been part of our lives for an entire year already.  I thought my own kids grew up/were growing up fast.  This year just flew by!  But there he is, running around the house (and I do mean running - I think he went from crawling to a full out run) and making us laugh every day. 

For his birthday I decided to make him a special 1st birthday t-shirt. 

I was inspired to create this special birthday shirt by another blog.  I'm pretty sure it was CampClem.

To create a shirt you will need:

1 or 2 light weight fabric (I suggest bright colors or prints)
1 plain cotton t-shirt
an iron

Prewash the t-shirt.
Following the instruction on the HeatnBond, apply it to the back of the fabric.

Draw or trace the number onto the paper of the HeatnBond - backwards!!  (if you draw it the right way, it will come out backwards on the shirt!) .  Cut around the lines of your drawing or tracing.

If you are using two fabrics - iron the number onto the front of the second fabric.  Apply HeatnBond to back of second fabric according to package instructions.  Cut around number leaving a margin to create a border from the second fabric.  Remove HeatnBond paper backing. 

Position the number where you want it on the front of the t-shirt and iron according to HeatnBond package instructions.

And "Ta Da!" 1 cute shirt for 1 cute birthday boy!

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  1. It looks great. I made shirts for both of our boys' first birthday's, too. Won't be able to do that for Ruby Kate, though 'cause she's already turned 2...will be 3 in November! The babies grow up way too fast, I agree!


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