Friday, August 3, 2012

Meal Planning: Just Do It!

I can't say that I Like making out a meal plan every week.  It's a necessary evil.  It helps create my shopping list and keeps me organized.

A meal plan isn't always perfect.  You  may not always stick to the plan.  But it's there.  It gives you some guidelines to follow, which can cut down on those frantic "what's for dinner" rushing around that can occur on week nights.  And that's something.  It's that first step.

Meal Plan: August 4 - August 10

Saturday:  Pizza
Sunday:  Burgers (celebrating the first football game of the preseason!  Wooohooo!)
Monday: Loaded Baked Potatoes
Tuesday Subs
Wednesday: Breakfast
Thursday: Pasta and Salad

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  1. Hi! I found you from the "Bloggy Mom's August Blog Hop". I am now your newest follower. Please come by my blog and follow me back!!/MelodyGravitt

    By the way, I love your "About me".


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