Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Week Of Meals

Meal plan for the week.  This week is a transitional week.  Back to school for the male offspring.  The start of a new semester of guitar lessons, and Wednesday night bible studies.  So the meal plan is a little simpler, and maybe - just maybe - a little less healthy than usual.

Saturday:  Pizza

Sunday: Roast chicken, broccoli, potatoes

Monday:  Hot dogs, coleslaw, chips

Tuesday: Crock pot mac and cheese, southwestern salad

Wednesday:  Pasta salad

Thursday: Breakfast

Friday: TBD (grocery day)


  1. O.k. here's mine...this is new for me, so I've only accomplished a few days of planning.

    Mon - Chicken & Rice casserole
    Tues - Dr. Pepper Brisket
    Wed. - Tacos/Tostadas (from leftover brisket)
    Thurs. - Greek Salad & any leftovers
    Fri. - Pizza?

    1. Whoa whoa whoa!! Back it up! Dr Pepper Brisket?

  2. I haven't done any meal planning this week. I think we are having salad with chicken tonight, going to the State Fair tomorrow. That's all I know!

    1. Yah for state fairs! We have an apple festival in town this weekend. I can't wait! I love fair food!


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