Monday, June 11, 2012

Planning Ahead

It can be challenging to come up with a good meal plan for the week.  Even more so when you have company coming for the week.  Add company that needs a gluten free diet, and suddenly that meal plan can feel like the impossible. 

That was the circumstances I found myself faced with this week.  But I was up to the challenge!

MONDAY:  depends on when company arrives... if they get here in time for dinner it may be:  Breakfast - Bacon, Eggs, Grits.  If not... Hot dogs.

TUESDAY:  Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas (made w/ corn tortillas) w/ lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream.

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken Caesar Salad (sans croutons for the gluten free option)

THURSDAY:  Creamy Pasta Primavera (made w/ gluten free pasta), salad

FRIDAY:  Taco Salad

What's your meal plan for the week?


  1. Your plan sounds yummy. It is only my hubby and me, so I just buy and freeze and cook as I go during the week. Weekends I make large meals and freeze leftovers to reheat during the week after a long day.

    1. I love the idea of cooking on the weekend and freezing for the rest of the week. And one of these days I'm gonna give it a try.


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