Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Frugal Father's Day

Since quitting my paying job, I'm on a budget.  A tight budget.  One that is getting tighter all the time.  So, when I realized Father's Day is coming up on June 17th - I started to be a little concerned.  

The Man of the House is great.  An awesome father and husband.  He deserves nothing but the best for Father's Day.  If  money were no issue I'd get him new golf clubs and a weekend golf trip on which to use them.  Season tickets to the Cleveland Browns (well, maybe the Panthers - they are within driving distance). A ginormous high def, flat screen, digital television set complete with surround sound.  Copies of all his favorite movies on Blu-Ray. 

Unfortunately, money IS an issue.  So, what to do?  How do we show him how much we love him and keep with in my extremely limited budget?  I did what any logical blogger type lady would do - I hit the web looking for ideas! 

Some of my favorites include:

A DREAM FUND: We all have something that we really want, but can't afford. Figure out what that is for Dad – a new car, a vacation, a fancy tool – and start a fund for it. This can be as simple as filling a jar with change or placing a few dollars in a savings account. The amount of money you contribute really isn't important – you just want to show him that you support his dream. 
I think one of the kids or I could even decorate a recycled jar special for this purpose.  Giving it that personal touch!

BOTTLE CAP BOOT SCRAPER:  A unique boot scraper Dad (or anyone else) can use to scrape the mud off his boots.

A WEEK OF SPECIAL LUNCHES:  Does Dad take his lunch to work each day? If so, treat him to a week of special lunches. You can bake up special desserts, make him his favorite sandwich, surprise him with little love notes – whatever you choose, it's sure to be tasty for him and affordable for you.
You can make a special card or certificate to give him on Father's Day, announcing your treat.

*  MESSAGE PHOTO:  Take a picture of the kids holding signs that spell out "We Love Dad", or something equally cheesy.  Frame it for Dad to display at home or office.

* WORLD'S SWEETEST DAD:  Purchase all his favorite childhood candies and put them in a big glass jar, add a six-pack of some kind of fizzy drink like root beer or grape soda.  Tape a note card on the top telling him he is the sweetest daddy in the world.

TEAM FAMILY FOOTBALL:  A signed Nerf Football  by his favorite team, his family of course.  Just use a permanent marker and monitor the little ones so that they are not permanently marked.

TAKE A HIKE:  Many dads like the outdoors.  Take the family to explore a nearby state park.  Enjoy a cookout or picnic after the hike.

I'm not saying which, if any of these, we might be working on for The Man of the House.  Just in case he's watching.  But I hope this has helped inspire you to come up with a unique Father's Day gift without busting the budget. 

Please share your own frugal Father's Day gift ideas in our comments section!


  1. Money these days is tight. We try to save for the unknown. I make handmade cards for each of the dads in our family. I even make them for people at the office to give (gives me a little spending money too..) I bake hubby treats, make his favorite breakfast and dinner. Get him his favorite treat etc. It is the small acts of love that will be remembered and a great example for your children. Enjoy your holiday..

    1. Great ideas Winnie! I especially like the idea of making treats for him. You're right. Things will be used up or forgotten over time, but the acts of love will be remembered.

  2. These are great and have given me ideas for my Dad!

    Thanks and best wishes with your gift giving!

    1. Glad my post was able to help! I hope your father had a great father's day! :)


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