Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Can't Find Anything In This Fridge!

IT WAS TIME to clean the fridge.  Actually, it was past time.  How so much clutter can accumulate in one spot is beyond me.  But it happens. Magnets get moved.  Post it notes, school notices, sports schedules,etc get stuck randomly on the door and side.  Items get placed on top "just for now".  Suddenly, it's hard to find the actual refrigerator through all the things piled on and stuck to it. 

Things get put away in the wrong spot.  Items are placed inside with thoughts of "I'll finish this later", only to be forgotten.  And before you know it, you open the door to be greeted with what looks like a disaster area.

I may not want to know what's in that bowl on the bottom!

No need to call in the HazMat team (it hasn't been that long since I cleaned it out!)  All it takes is a sink full of soapy water, a cleaning rag, and a little elbow grease.  Take everything out.  Toss the old, unused items.  Reorganize what is still needed.  Wipe down the side walls and the shelfs. 

Voila!  Clean and organized!
Hey look!  Two containers of greek yogurt! 

Next step, remove everything from the sides and top of the fridge.  A little more wiping and washing.  Reorganize magnets, pictures, and things that are still relavent to our lives. 

Much better!  I can actually find things again.  And I get that sense of satisfaction that comes with completely a much dreaded, but also much needed task!


  1. Wow!! You are really organized with all the magnets!! And I am quite impressed with all the food and condiment options you have.

    1. It's embarassing really. But we're saucy people - bbq, sweet chili, hot sauce, horseradish. And everyone in the house likes a different salad dressing.


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