Sunday, June 24, 2012

Feeding The Crowd

It's time again for this week's Meal Plan.  As you may remember we're trying to eat a little healthier, a little less animal products and more fruits, vegetables, and grains. 

Sunday: raspberry vinaigrette marinaded steak with a spring mix, strawberry, and walnut salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and fresh sliced cucumbers

Monday: Simple Summer Spaghetti

Tuesday:  Greek Salad

Wednesday: Veggie Pizza (with homemade crust!) with leftover salad

Thursday: Grilled salmon/ with quinoa, broccoli, and caesar salad


  1. This menu sounds fabulous. I am intrigued about the raspberry vinaigrette marinated steak with a spring mix...Oh my. Each day sounds great and so healthy and light for this summer weather!

    1. Hi Winnie! The steak supper was super easy. I'll post a little blog about it. Just wish I had taken pictures because the salad was beautiful! :)

  2. a great menu for the week! that simple summer spaghetti looks delicious; I'll have to make it soon this summer!


    1. That's a new recipe for me this week. I'm excited to try it. I think it looks delicious also!


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