Friday, November 30, 2012

Simple Beaded Bracelets

I saw some cute bracelets while on mini-vacation in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge with the man of the house.  They were simple strips of fabric with a few beads loosely strung onto them and a button and loop closure.  Adorable, but far too expensive for my taste.  Especially since my brain was already churning on how I could recreate my own version for far less!

Here it is... using ribbon and glass beads: 

 Super Simple Beaded Bracelets!

1) Measure out a length of ribbon long enough to go loosely around the wrist two or three times.  Double that length.  Cut and fold in half.

2) Tie a knot in folded end of ribbon to create a small loop

3) Thread beads onto ribbon.  (I tied a knot in ribbon between every one or two beads to keep them from sliding around too much)

3) Thread ribbon onto large eyed needle and feed through button back.  Be sure you get buttons with openings large enough for ribbon to fit easily through.  (trust me, made that mistake! scrambled for other button to use!)

4) Wrap around wrist.  Use loop created in step one and button to close bracelet. 

5) Admire your cute new creation! 

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