Thursday, November 8, 2012

Living Room - Days 11 to 20: Prime Time!

The remodel came to a bit of a crawl for about a week - life just got busy and slowed us down.  Things are still moving along though - even if it's a little slower than the first week. 

We've been taping and compounding the new 1/2 wall at the top of the stairs.

Priming the new drywall around the fireplace

Taping and priming windows (taping is slooooow work!)

And priming various trim around doorways

Next up: Painting the ceiling!


  1. Wow, Beckey! I can believe all you get done.This is so wonderful. I would do anything for that woodwork. It's gorgeous!Much Love, Fondly, Robin

  2. Oops! CAN'T believe all you get done.


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