Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finding the Purpose

OK, so the entire purpose of creating this particular blog was to keep track of my journey as I quit my day job, stay home to manage my family, start to save us some money, and become more self sustaining.  And I sincerely hope that as it begins to grow and evolve - that purpose will become more obvious and become fulfilled. 

In an effort to start in that general direction, here is my first list of things to accomplish.

1) Get more inventory made and posted on my Etsy store.

2) Start focusing on being more thrifty around the house by:
        a)  start turning off un-needed lights, etc
        b)  stop running the television just for background noise when no one is actually watching it.
        c)  use cold water more often when hot water isn't really called for: laundry, rinsing dirty dishes, etc
        d)  use the clothesline as much as possible, rather than the dryer.

3)  Look for more ways to save electricity saving ideas.

4)  Get the garden planted!

5)  Gather recipes and stock pantry for things I can make myself instead of purchasing - such as bread, crackers, etc.

What are some of your favorite money saving ideas, or tips for being more self sustaining?


  1. First of all, good luck with your new job!!!

    This year, we revisited all our utility bills. Not much we can do with the Water and Power, we're already pretty good with that. But we took out unneeded features off our phone and cable accounts, and switched internet companies. Made a big difference.

  2. Thank you. No water since we have a well. We do tend to revisit our cable/phone/internet options about once every 18 - 24 months to be sure we're getting the best deal.


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