Monday, March 26, 2012

And So It Begins...

Using The Princess as a model for photos, I got listings up for my first two items for sale at my Etsy shop today!  Feeling excited, exhilarated.. and a little nauseous!

This crocheted scarf is handmade from a lightweight mercerized cotton yarn, making it the perfect addition to your spring and summer fashions. It is romantic - yet modern; and can be worn in several different styles.

Next up - I'm working on some fun floral ponytail bands and clips for summer. 


  1. Much good luck with the venture!

  2. The scarves are lovely and I LOVE the ponytail band. Nice work. Are you going to put a permanent link to your Esty shop on your blogs?

  3. Thanks all! @alienbody - I suppose I really should! My brain is still in a whirlwind. I need to start one more list.


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