Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Steps

It all starts with baby steps.

Step One: Come up with plan for life without paying job.  Check

It's not easy.  It took a lot of agonizing, soul searching, a few talks with The Man of the House, some praying, and some waffling before I finally came to a choice about what I wanted to do.   After almost 13 years at paying job, I am ready to step out of the office and back into my home.  I will tend to my family, my home, my chickens, my garden, and my yard.  I will find ways to trim down our household budget by saving on things like electricity and groceries.  I will provide more home cooked meals and snacks for my family instead of throwing together some processed something at the end of the day.  I will foster my creative side by trying to sell some of my crochet and sewing projects.  I'm ready to be the manager of my family. 

Step Two: Set up Etsy shop.  Check

Queen B's Busy Work

Step Three:  Start creating inventory for said shop.  Work in progress.

Step Four:  Give notice at paying job.

This was supposed to happen last Thursday.  I had myself all psyched up for the moment.  Unfortunately supervisor was out of office all day so this will have to wait until later this week.  Yes, I am excited - and a little nervous.

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