Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Is The Gift You Give Unique or Forgettable?

I believe that because every new baby is unique; the gift you give should be also. Not the same ol same that thousands of other moms to be are opening at baby showers across the country.

Consider a gift that's carefully handcrafted.  With a tiny bit of love in every stitch.

Which do you think the new mom will remember longer:  one of several flannel or cotton knit blankets from the big box store - or the handcrafted one created in her favorite color(s)?

Crocheted Baby Blanket, Mint, Charcoal Grey and Winter White

The 50 or so little tshirts she received - or the tiny beanie featuring her favorite animal, movie or cartoon character?

Or maybe that football cocoon set - created in traditional brown and white or customized with the colors of dad's favorite team.

Infant Football Set

When looking for baby gifts that become treasured family keepsakes, the answer is simple - handmade is always better!

Rainbow Baby Blanket

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