Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Change for the Better

There is always room for improvement. 

For example, yesterday I made my "perfectly cooked salmon".  Or I thought it was always perfect - until I put a little Cajun seasoning on it last night and BAM!  Just like that it was a little better. 

Another example is Queen B's lip balm holder key rings.  Since day one they have been crafted using a split ring (keyring) and a lanyard hook. Which was great.  Still is great.

And then...

I had a customer request a bulk order using a lobster claw style clasp instead of the split ring and lanyard hook.  And... you guessed it: BAM!  I was hooked!  (pun not intended)

After doing the first batch with the lobster clasp, I felt these gave the holders a much cleaner, more finished look than the original style.  So, from this day forward, all my lip balm holders will be crafted with a lobster clasp.

There are a still a few remaining holders with the original hardware.  After thinking it through, I determined it simply wouldn't be effective to try to remove the split ring and hook in order to apply the new clasps. If you have a preference, PLEASE be sure to check the listing before ordering!

Have a BEE-autiful day,

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