Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winnie the Pooh - and Tigger, too!

The grand baby is just crazy about Winnie the Pooh recently.  We have watched the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the Tigger Movie about a dozen times in the last few weeks.  All this Winnie the Pooh and Tigger inspired the latest additions to Queen B's Busy Work!

 Winnie the Pooh...

This hat is crafted with soft yellow and red acrylic blend yarn in a pattern designed to bring to mind the beloved character, Winnie the Pooh!

 And Tigger too...

Perfect for anyone who loves that bouncy little tiger - or any other tigers!

This hat is crafted with orange and black acrylic blend yarn.

Each hat is hand-crafted to custom fit the intended wearer. To assure the best fit possible - please include the head measurement or age of the intended wearer in the Notes To Owner when placing order.

Every hat is individually hand-crafted. Slight variations in color and design are to be expected.

$15.00 + shipping

Adult sizes available by request. ($20.00)

Available at
Queen B's Busy Work


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