Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's My Space

Today I thought I would share a bit of where I create and work

Some crafters have a nice work room or some sort of space.  I am no different.  Well, perhaps a bit different...

 I have an office/craft/guest room in our home.  Which I never use for sewing or crafting.  I hope that will change in the near future.  Right now it's more a storage room than anything else.  There are plans to organize it and make it more user friendly.  However that hasn't started yet.   

So in the meantime, my "work space" is a corner of the living room couch and the little table next to it.

On the table beside where I sit, you will usually find whatever I am drinking at the moment... water, coffee, or on rare days maybe a Dr Pepper.  There is also my basket with odd balls of yarn, my crochet hook holder, a little zippered bag - which holds my scissors, measuring tape and gauge, large needles, and stitch markers,etc - and the notebook where I jot down pattern notes as I create new designs.

Whatever project I am currently working on is usually in a large zip top plastic bag to protect it against unforeseen accidents.  (Did I mention I drink coffee often while working?And I'm not exactly known for being graceful)  That particular baggie in the picture is holding a delicate white baby sweater which will be available soon.

It's not much... nothing fancy.  But it's my space.  Added bonus - I can watch television or Netflix while I crochet.

You can visit and see what I've been working on at:

Queen B's Busy Work

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  1. It so nice to have a pleasant place to work but I'm like you, my couch is my blogging office! Have a great weekend!


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