Thursday, September 5, 2013

Laundry Room Make Over

I recently got to a point where I was tired of feeling as if my laundry room is sort of the armpit of the house.  It always seems to look a little cluttered and messy no matter what.  

I wasn't ready to sink a lot of time or money into it, and in fact, it hasn't been that long since the Man of the House gave it a fresh coat of sunny yellow paint, some shelves, and new flooring.  But it still seemed as if it needed some sort of a pick-me-up makeover!  A few nice touches to spruce up the feel of the room.



After a little bit of time searching Pinterest - I had a couple of easy little ideas to make the space a little more pleasant.
I revamped an old garden theme sign by painting it black and making a "Laundry" sign

New containers to hold laundry supplies makes the shelves look less cluttered 
A planter from Michael's for dryer sheets.  A cute mint canister from World Market for the detergent. Basket from Target to hide the fabric softener ball, stain remover and fabric refresher.  Recycled bottle and jar for oxi-clean and liquid fabric softener. (and the best part - I found all of these items on sale!)
And a few nice touches for the wall shelf.  The crown picture came from Michael's.  The Wash and Dry plaques I made (more on those in a future post!)

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