Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home

If you read this blog regularly you've seen the nifty iron hook rack my dad made for me when he was taking a blacksmith course at the local community college.  I love this thing, and am always trying to think of something cute to hang from the hooks. 

My most recent burst of creativity lead to this:

The glass letter P was a find at Michael's. 

A few frames from the dollar store, a few pieces of scrap booking paper, some ribbon, hot glue, a glue stick, and some letters printed off the computer as templates.

There ya have it! 

The best part (in my opinion) is that the frames can be easily opened from the back, which means I can switch out the letters for a different message or some pictures.  I'm already picturing some holiday themed paper to create "NOEL" for Christmas, and red and pink "LOVE" for Valentines.

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