Friday, February 22, 2013

Family Dinners

We’ve been trying something new in our house.  At our family meeting on Sunday evening, we are given a … well… I guess “challenge” might be the right word.   This was the brainchild of the Man of the House and I loooove it!

It started with what I think of as “Be Nice to ___ Week”.  Each week a different family member was selected and the others were expected to do something above the normal routine to be nice to that person. 

Last week was “Try A New Food Week”.  Had you been spying on us, you would have heard a lot of  “oh, that is NOT good” as things such as sardines, escargot, and roasted seaweed snacks were tried out.  The male offspring even agreed to taste sushi.  He didn’t like.  The female offspring and I finished his tray of California Rolls.  (yum!)

Last week each member of the family was challenged to come up with a recipe they have never made before that they would like to cook for the family.  This coming week, those dishes will be prepared.

I am personally thrilled with this challenge!  Two big reasons:

 #1 – three nights when someone else will be doing the cooking!  (yah!)

#2 -  new recipes and dishes to blog about

The Man of the House is making a ham and potato soup, the female offspring will try her hand at black and blue quesadillas, and the male offspring is expanding his experience in the kitchen with hamburgers with homemade oven fries.  I will be trying two new recipes, including cumin chicken with red beans and quinoa.

It should be a delicious week!

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  1. Love this idea of a weekly challenge! might have to "borrow" that one for my own family.


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