Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Hail Broke Loose

I gently planted the heirloom tomato plants, peppers, lettuce, herbs, and spinach in containers.  I brought them inside to protect them from a surprise freeze warning night.  I watched them closely for any signs of pests.  I was getting excited as I noticed some buds and even a few blossoms.  Dreaming of the lovely fresh veggies I would be stepping right out onto the back deck and picking for dinner this summer. 

As the rain started I was pleased.  My leafy little lovelies would get some much needed moisture.

The rain steadily grew heavier and the thunder started.  I eyed the containers with a bit of nervousness.  I hope it wasn't too much rain to fast which could upset the soil.

Then... all hail broke loose.

It was bad...

And quickly got worse.

I watched as seedlings were buried under ice balls.  Leafs and branches were broken off. 

I know I could have made an attempt to rescue the tender plants.  But honestly - the sound of the hail pounding the roof, the sight of it bouncing off the porch, and witnessing the beating the plants were taking  managed to discourage me from that idea pretty quickly.

My poor plants are looking pretty sad now.  I'm not sure how many, if any, will survive this. 


  1. Oh my gosh...that is so rude! Pfft...Mother Nature has been severely cranky lately! Sending healing thoughts to those 'maters & veggies.

    1. I know, right??? What a witch!!

  2. I'm in St. Louis and the hail was horrendous on Saturday!! It looked like we had another tornado like last spring! Cars looked like they were all attacked by vindictive ex boy/girl friends. Hope your plants survive!

    1. I saw pictures of that hail on the news! Tennis ball size? Crazy! This was nothing compared to that!


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