Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stocking The Pantry

I am thinking about the benefits of buying certain items in bulk.  I already enjoy stocking up on things when I find a good sale/coupon combination.  But now I seriously find myself considering buying larger quantities of some staples to keep on hand.  Items such as rice and flour.  Maybe some dried beans.  Things which I plan to start using on a regular basis. 

As is often the case, I get a brainstorm and think it will be simple to undertake.  And instead discover how much research and planning actually has to go int to it.  I started to consider this plan, only to be faced with the stark realization of my own ignorance.  For starters - are these types of things truly "non-perishable"?  And if not, how long is the average shelf life of these sort of pantry staples? 

I also have to carefully weigh the potential benefit with the possible risk of protecting these items from those annoying tiny little ants which occasionally like to invade my home during the summer months.  Which means a well planned out line of defense in my storage of these bulk purchased delights.

So, I present the questions to you: 

Do you purchase any staple items in bulk form? 
If so, what?
How do you store them to best protect them from creepy crawlies and the elements?


  1. Honestly, non-perishables is a big misnomer. Everything has an expiration date, including sugar, flour, etc. So yes on stocking in bulk (VIP member of Costco here) but always keep an eye out for expiration dates.

    I stick a date label to anything I pour in my own containers (I get the good quality kind, best bang for the buck). Hope that answers your question.

    Great topic!

    1. Yeh, I figured they go bad eventually. I just have no clue what to even expect on shelf life.

      OK Megan... I want more information on these "good quality" containers!

    2. Oh sure :) Obviously, the canned goods are easy (and marked). Here's a list for some other common pantry items I'm sure more extensive lists are available on the internet if you Google the item in question.

      My containers are OXO pops. I got mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond (used the coupons they send for 20% off one item and slowly built my collection) but here's a picture from the Crate and Barrel site. I noticed right away a difference in my cereals, they stayed fresh longer with these containers. I am very pleased with them.

    3. woopsie, here's the C&B link: They are available in nice array of sizes.


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