Sunday, May 7, 2017

My Crochet "Must Haves"

Everyone who does any sort of crafting or hobby has a list of those items that they consider "must haves".  Things that make the task at hand just a little easier or more enjoyable. Obviously the only true MUST haves for crocheting are yarn and a hook or two.  But these are a few of the items I always want to have close by for when I sit down to crochet.

A Yarn Bowl
The Man of the House gave me this yarn bowl from JustMare on Etsy for Christmas a few years ago. And I LOVE it.  It keeps my yarn from rolling away while I'm working with it.  Helps cut down on snags and knots.   It is an absolute dream come true.  And it's so pretty!

Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks
I have a full selection of traditional crochet hooks.  And I still use them from time to time.  But once I started crocheting for my business, my hands would get tired and crampy sometimes.  Especially when I was working on a large wholesale order!  That's when I asked for the first set of larger handle hooks.  Whether it's the less expensive set with rubber grips or the more expensive Clover brand hooks - these are pretty much a requirement for me these days!

Stitch Markers
I do a LOT of crocheting in the round, making stitch markers absolutely necessary!  I would love a pretty set of stitch markers.  I see so many beautiful ones on Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram.  But I am constantly misplacing them and would be heartbroken to lose those.  So, I stick to the simple plastic ones for now.

Tape Measure and Sewing Gauge
Whether it's sizing hats or measuring and blocking washcloths, I am constantly reaching for one or the other.  My tape measure is another one of those things I always seemed to be misplacing.  Until my awesome hubby gave me the 3' tape measure with the keyring which now stays attached to my project bag.

Last, but not least...  Coffee!
I know, I know.  It's not exactly a crochet related item.  But it's my go to energy drink.  Whether it's getting me started in the morning, or helping me get through a late night work session.  And how pretty is that pottery mug?  (another gift from The Man of the House from Squeaky Wheel Pottery located in the River Arts District of Asheville) 

Based on how many of my "must have" items were gifts from the Man of the House - maybe I should include him on this list!

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