Thursday, February 16, 2017

When Will It BEE Spring?

I realize that many of you have been reminded that it is still winter by snow piling up outside your window - over, and over, and over again.  But, around here someone gave Mother Nature the message that Spring is in the air.  We have had unusually warm temperatures.  The trees are budding.  And the daffodils are in bloom.  All these signs of Spring has my mind turning to Easter.  (Yes, already...)

This is resulting in new items for Queen B's Busy Work! Think bunnies, carrots, lambs, chicks, and who knows what else.  Keep an eye on the shop to see signs of Spring popping up over the next week or two.

And if you're the impatient type - you can follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks at all the cuteness to come in progress!

Have a BEEautiful Day,

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