Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Proper Care and Feeding of Cotton Facial Rounds

Perhaps you've been curious about my Cotton Face Scrubbies, but you're not quite sure how they would fit into your skincare routine.  Or maybe you're concerned that they'll be difficult to clean and care for.  


Wonder no more!  Today, I'm going to demonstrate how I use the rounds for every step of my own skincare routine and how I care for them between uses.

I use two cotton rounds each time I cleanse my skin.  First, I wet one pad.

I apply my eye makeup remover to one side and gently wipe away the day's eyeliner and mascara.

 I then rinse that round, flip it over and apply my cleanser

The texture of the crocheted pad gently exfoliates while I wash!

After rinsing my face with clear water, I then use a fresh round to apply my toner.

I let a few used cotton rounds pile up beside the sink between washes.  You could just as easily put them in your laundry hamper or basket.

When I'm ready to wash a load of towels, I just toss in the rounds right along with them.

Yes, it's really that simple!  My cotton scrubbies are 100% cotton, and machine wash and dryable.

Once they've been cleaned, my cotton rounds get stored in a glass jar in my bathroom until the next use.
You can get your own set of facial rounds with mason jar HERE

Have more questions about my handcrafted Cotton Face Scrubbies?  Contact me! 

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