Thursday, June 4, 2015

From One Hive To Another!

BIG News!! 

If you are in the Houma, Louisiana area - Queen B's Busy Work's 100% cotton bath products and lip balm holders can now be found locally at Ginger & Bee Bathhouse Boutique! 

Ginger & Bee is a lovely little bath shoppe offering luxurious bath and body products - most of which are handcrafted in the USA! 

When I was approached with this opportunity,  I was excited about the chance to have my items sold in a brick and mortar shop.  And as soon as I saw the name of this bath boutique - I knew it was meant to "bee!! 

I wanted to introduce all Queen B's followers to the owners of Ginger & Bee and give y'all a chance to get to know them a little better - so I asked Shelley a few questions:

 1)  Could you introduce yourself for the readers?
So Southern - I say "Cher" A LOT. I'm a hugger, a crier, sarcastic and a hard worker. I'm born and raised in a very Cajun town, married my high school sweetheart and very best friend - Kip. Together we own and operate Ginger & Bee. I'm also a proud mother. Our only child, Brie (the Bee), manages and runs the shoppe day in and day out. (And does a fabulous job!)

2)  What was the inspiration for Ginger & Bee? 

     Brie and I have been die-hard bath enthusiasts for as long as I can possibly remember. I laugh, embarrassingly, about the fact that we will spend over 2 hours in the tub. We love to travel and every town/city we hit, it is one of the things we seek out. Others shop for clothes, we've always shopped for awesome "tub-time" products. I've considered this shoppe for over 10 years. One day I simply decided to make a go of it. My family's support was all that I needed. 
     Our store name arose from one of my nicknames (we all have them in the down here), Ginger, since I am a redhead and I have a love affair with the spice. Brie has been called B since she was a baby. Honey is a wonderful raw ingredient we love in our products, so Bee wasn't much of a stretch. We call ourselves and the ladies of the shoppe - Busy Bee's. A bit of a coincidence with you! :)

3)  What are a few of your best selling items?
     Bath bombs (all kinds and shapes) & natural and/or vegan soap

4)  Why is it important to you that the majority of items you carry be handcrafted items produced in the United States?

     The craftsman and artist create with genuine love, care and commitment in their work. By purchasing handcrafted products, we support becoming part of the larger dream of freedom, controlling our moral compass, financial independence, and creating a joyful and purposeful life. This the dream that our founding father's built our nation on. What better way to support my fellow American and my community than by supporting those who share our dream and this great nation.

5) What are some of your best tips to refresh and renew (other than a relaxing bath)?

     Life itself changes when you learn to meditate. With each meditation, we renew our mind and soul, then so our bodies. Our minds become clear, focused and positively aligned. We learn to let go of "me" and live in a world of kindness, appreciation and mindfulness.
     Often times the simplest ways to refresh are the most overlooked. They don't have to be long or extended and you don't have to pay money to obtain them...A walk, a nap, a simple drink of water. I often look out the window and realize the beauty outside my walls. A walk to soak in the sun to breathe in fresh air and listen to the world around me puts me in touch with all that is greater than us - God. Rejuvenation, in merely seconds, washes over me and its easy to realize what's really important. Easy to refresh and reset.
     Laying on the floor with my dog, Derby, petting him, appreciating and understanding the peace and love he provides in my life, in that moment, restores me. It brings a permanent smile to my face and again I know that I have so much to be thankful for. 
     Refreshment and renewal comes in many shapes and sizes. We only need to open ourselves up and allow them to filter through us. Stop looking for the next big thing...the tiny ones amaze and they are already right in front of us

 If you find yourself in Houma near Old South Square (across from the Southland Mall) - buzz on in and say hello!  And don't forget to pick up some Queen B's Busy Work bath items while you're there. (Ahem)

Have a BEEautiful day,

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