Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Almost Turkey Time!

I don't only do crocheting for Queen B's Busy Work.  First and foremost I enjoy creating items for the people I care about.

In fact, most of the creations on my website were inspired by (or originally created for) a friend or family member.  Especially my grand baby!

Except for the ones obviously made for a baby girl - the design for each and every child's hat in my shop was first created as a hat for that adorable little man.  You can even catch glimpses of him modeling the prototype for many of them in shop photos.

Some of the hats I craft just for him never make it to the shop listings.  For example - this cute little turkey hat! 

I crafted it for him last year and it came out a bit too big.  But it's just right for him to wear this Thanksgiving!

Have a "BEE"autiful day,

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