Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Porch Decor: Simple DIY Topiary Tree

I love the look of a topiary tree or two on the porch for the holidays.  But the ones I've seen in the store ain't cheap!  And if it's one thing you're learning about me by reading my blog - I like a bargain! 

So, you can probably imagine that when I saw reference to topiary trees created with garland and tomato cages, my imagination was sparked.  Especially  when I realized - Hey!  I already have a cone shaped wire frame which used to have a viney houseplant thing growing on it (until I killed the plant last summer, but that's an entirely different post)!  And a  planter sitting on the porch just begging for some seasonal cuteness!

When I also opened up my email one day and saw that Michael's had their 9 foot garland as the Deal of the day for $1.99 - it was ON!

1 9 foot garland
1 wire frame (cone shaped)
1 package inexpensive Christmas ornaments
twist ties
1 flower pot

First, I wrapped the garland around the wire frame, twisting sprigs around the frame to secure the garland.

Next, I used twist ties to secure the ornaments to the garland - decorating the "tree"

The final step was to set the little tree onto the planter and use floral wire to secure it into place.

Ta Da!!  Little topiary tree.  All for a cost of less than $5!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Yay, fun! Looks adorbs. And thanks for the link back to the inspiration! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks. Had to give credit and a nod to where I heard this too cute idea!! :0

  2. It's so so cute!

    Thanks for linking up! :D

  3. Such a darling piece you made! Perfect for the space too.

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